Company Introduction Corporation Introduction

DigitalFrog Co., Ltd.

is a company that specialized in developing and publishing smart device (smartphone & tablet pc) games with global competitiveness.

We, the DigitalFrog Co., Ltd., develop mobile games using our own multi-device game development engine called 'Ani-Plus', which is created with our long experienced technique since 2002.

  • 1. Self Develop & Service Mobile Games

    Our long experiences and highest level of development technique in Action RPG made us to develop 'Journey of Itarus', 'Soul-Hunter Raki', 'Meteor 4 You', and more.
    Besides, we have developed other genre games such as 'Puzzle Quest', 'Mobile Net Matgo', 'Space Frontier' and more. Amongst them, 'Crystal War' and 'Crystal War-Blood Field' has swept Korea and other international open markets in 2010 and 2011. It has been recognized as the game that opened a new prospect in the Defense genre game.

  • 2. Develop & Service International License Mobile Games

    We have achieved huge success not only in Korea, but also in international markets by developing mobile games by licensing IPs of famous movies, novels, sports, event from overseas, such as 'Harry Potter', 'Spider-Man', 'Transformer', 'Pirate of the Carribean', 'God of War', 'SMACKDOWN vs RAW', and so on.

  • 3. Publishing Korean Games

    We are supporting and finding Korean Studios with high potential and development technology to support their development through investment and share participation.
    DigitalFrog not only support funding, but also support with Tools, Librarys, Network, Technical support, QC/QA, Promotion, Marketing, Operation, Customer service and more to have Win-Win and firm partnership.

We will be world's best mobile game company that walks along with worldwide users.

History Corporation History


  • Golden Bridge Investment & Securities Co., Ltd.
  • Two 2D MMORPG to be launched
  • One 3D MORPG to be launched


  • Developing 2D MMORPG Project S
  • Developing 3D MORPG Project T


  • Delphinia Chronicle, qualified for Finals of 2013 Korea Game Award in Mobile Game Category.
  • Bunny Popwon Grand Prize of Korea Mobile Award Best App Exhibit
  • 3rd Investment by Korea Technology Finance Corp.


  • Bunny Pop, won Best Prize ofKorea Mobile Festival Best App Exhibit
  • Invested by IDG Ventures
  • Invested by Capstone Partners (2nd)
  • Certified by INNO-BIZ (Small and Medium Business Administration)


  • Invested by Capstone Partners
  • Certified by ISO 9001 (ICR)
  • Designated by Alternative Military Service Company


  • Crystal War, won Best Prize of KT Olleh Markets Best Smartphone Game
  • Invested by Yonsei Univ : 1st Company to Get Investment by Yonsei University


  • Registered as Venture Company


  • Established

Partners Corporative Firm

Korean Partners

  • SKtelecom
  • olleh kt
  • LG U+
  • google play
  • naver
  • apple

Global Partners

  • glu
  • THQ
  • EA mobile
  • eidos
  • shanda games
  • gamania
  • gamebank from yahoo japan
  • zqgame
  • 6waves
  • omg

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Recent Update:

Location Location

  • Address: 4F, GongHakWon, Yonsei Univ., 50 Yonsei-ro,
    Seodaemun-Gu, Seoul, Korea.

  • Marketing:
  • Overseas:

Careers Employment Information



01. Performance Salary System

Salary system that based on each individual's capability and performances.

02. Employee Benefits Package
  • -5 Work days per week
  • -Use annual leave at preferred date
  • -Support Congratulations and Condolence Leave and Expense : Grant extra leaves and money for marriage, anniversary, condonlence and more.
  • -Maternity leave : Provide maximum of 30 days leave for maternity leave
  • -Education Fee : Support all or partially, if employee needs education for work.
  • -Get-together Fee : Provide get-together fee to promote fellowship between employees.
  • -Periodic Health Examinattion : Provide regular checkups for all employees
  • -4 Social Insurance : Apply for 4 insurances, National Health Insurance, National Pension, Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance, and Employment Insurance.
  • -Severance Pay : Provide severance pay at resignation for all employee who worked over a year.
03. Education System

Provide education to improve working performance and career development.

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